The Indian manufacturer unveils its first BK T71 agricultural track

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The Indian manufacturer unveils its first BK T71 agricultural track

BKT enters the agricultural rubber track market. The manufacturer promises more resistance to wear and more comfort on board the tractor. Not to mention stability even at high speeds.

Even if its name is not original, the manufacturer BKT unveiled an agricultural caterpillar on its Sima 2022 stand. For the brand, this is a first to highlight.

With what difference does the manufacturer fit into the market? According to him, at its core, the rubber track is a system rather than an individual element. Its role is to transmit the traction force from the tractor to the ground. All actuated by two or more wheels in addition to the rollers. The idea is to distribute the load and make the tracks more flexible in order to adapt to the relief of the terrain.

Four layers of steel cord

With rubber tracks, productivity increases because these are designed to reinforce the capacity of the tractors, even at high speeds. The Agriforce BK T71 model has a tread composed of a high performance compound with the mission of better resisting cuts, tears and abrasion. This improves traction and driving comfort. While the teeth of the drive system have an optimized shape to provide more flexibility.

The crawler carcass is reinforced with four layers of high-strength steel cords. Result: the track offers good balance, stability and flexibility to ensure good wear resistance. The absence of a metal core in the tracks gives them greater elasticity, enhancing their traction power even in wet conditions.