Top Electric Tractors: These are the five best electric tractors in India, most convenient for farmers

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Top Electric Tractors

It would not be wrong to say that the coming time is of electric vehicles. In such a situation, we have also brought here the information about India’s top electric tractors for the farmers, which are going to emerge as a big achievement in the field of agriculture in the future.

Electric tractors are the beginning of a new era of agricultural technology. Farmers are always looking for ways to make farming easier or less expensive. In such a situation, battery operated tractors can solve this problem. Because they reduce fuel consumption. Along with this, it makes the work of farming easier and less expensive. In this article, we are going to talk about those electric tractors which have either been launched or are about to be launched in the Indian markets.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Country’s leading tractor manufacturer company presents “Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor”. This is India’s first field-ready electric tractor. These features like pollution free, zero maintenance cost, one fourth running cost as diesel, noiseless performance, faster coverage make it unique. Tiger electric tractors give 3 major advantages in the fields which are cost, productivity and comfort. In such a situation, let us know all the important information including its features.

The state-of-the-art 35 HP, IP67 compliant and 25.5 kW integrated cooling battery powers the Sonalika Tiger Electric.

A high-quality battery can be fully charged in 10 hours at a typical home charging station. At the same time, Tiger Electric can be charged in just four hours using the company’s fast charging option.

It is eco-friendly and economical relief as compared to diesel and petrol engines, as it reduces the operating cost of farmers by about 75%.

With a top speed of 24.93 km/h and a battery life of 8 hours, the German-powered Etrac engine and delivers exceptional power density and high torque.

This tractor gives a warranty of 5 years or 5000 hours.

The tractors are based on Sonalika’s proven tractor platform, making it easier for farmers while delivering highest performance at all times.

Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is available for booking in India at starting price of Rs.5,99,000.

Escort Electric Tractor Farmtrac (26 E)

Escort Electric Tractor Farmtrac (26 E)

The power of the self-driving tractor ranges from 21 HP to 30 HP. It has advanced features that include auto-steering, smart tools and spray, automatic metal controls, real GPS tracking equipment, geo-fencing and automatic and manual transmission programs.

Agricultural vehicle can be easily charged at home with the help of oil soaked bracket, power control switch and design, transmission of high frequency network at zero speed, and standard power attachments.

This self-propelled tractor will assist in 80 percent of the work, such as cutting canals and sowing. Automatic steering power will help to steer the farm vehicle in a systematic manner while digging and plowing. It will increase crop and product efficiency by 10 to 15% while reducing operating cost by 35%.

Escorts has not revealed the price of the service vehicle. Currently the company is planning to officially launch this independent tractor in the Indian market.

Solectrac e25 Compact Electric Tractor

Soulectrac e25 compact electric tractor

The Solectrac e25 compact electric tractor, 25 HP range e25 4WD tractor is ideal for hobby farms, golf courses, playgrounds, equestrian centers and municipalities.

This tractor comes with 3 tire options (Industrial Tyre, Turf Tire and Ag Tyre).

It can run for 3-6 hours depending upon the tractor load. The battery can be charged in 12 hours using either a 220-volt, 30-amp outlet or a 120-volt, 15-amp outlet. It accepts all Category 1N/1 540 PTO devices.

There is a front loader with a 1300-pound capacity available as turf and industrial tire options.

Celestial 27 HP Electric Tractor

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Celestial 27 HP is an efficient high performance tractor from the brand Celestial eMobility. It is the first Indian-made electric tractor which offers stability and efficiency. Unlike conventional diesel tractors, this tractor saves fuel and requires low maintenance. The Celestial 27HP is installed with a swappable, rechargeable battery that can be charged in just under 2 hours.

Celestial 27 HP tractor features:

  • Celestial 27 HP tractor is long lasting and durable in performance.
  • Celestial 27 HP tractor manufactured with oil-immersed brakes for easy control.
  • Celestial 27 HP tractor produces 27 HP of power through its engine.
  • To perform the tasks smoothly, the Celestial 27 HP tractor is equipped with a 4-Wheel Drive.
  • The Celestial 27 HP tractor has a fuel-efficient engine that is robust and compatible.
  • The Celestial 27 HP tractor has a strong lifting capacity for easy pulling and lifting.
  • The Celestial 27 HP tractor is perfect for garden and yard applications.

This tractor is cost effective, pollution free and noise free. Celestial 27 HP is a robust tractor with modern features and can be used for multiple agricultural purposes. Like farmer brothers can use it for various agricultural purposes like sowing, ploughing, levelling, harvesting and haulage.